Food Recovery in Marin County: By picking up excess fresh food from businesses and immediately delivering it to nonprofits serving Marin’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families, we address the critical issues of hunger, food waste, and global warming.

Volunteers of the Year

2016 Volunteer of the Year: Don C.

We’re delighted to honor the amazing Don C. as ExtraFood’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year. Don joined our team in February as a volunteer food runner. Since then, he has completed 322 food trips in just 10 months. That’s a record number of food trips completed by a volunteer in one year! And, on top of that, he once did 13 food trips in a single week! Another record! He has delivered a total of 20,000 pounds of food: 10 tons in 10 months. That’s incredible work, but Don has also lent his expertise in helping us recruit new food donors, and he also initiated the process that led ExtraFood to start a new food program with the College of Marin.

Don has massive amounts of energy, enthusiasm, and brings a cheerful attitude with him on all of his food trips. All of our food donors and recipients know when Don has arrived because they can’t miss that huge grin on his face! He has become an expert at knowing many of the nonprofits we serve, as well as developing relationships with their staff so that he can make on-the-spot decisions when necessary.

Our partner Erika at Whistlestop, who Don sees each week when he delivers there, said this about Don: "Noone is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burdens of others. To me, this is Don. He arrives each week at our Whistlestop Meals of Marin program site with a huge smile and big heart and shares that with each and everyone he comes in contact with at Whistlestop. It's an honor to work with a wonderful dedicated volunteer like Don!”

The entire ExtraFood staff feels truly lucky to have such a dedicated, passionate, and wonderful volunteer on our team. We salute Don, our Volunteer of the Year!


2015 Volunteer of the Year: Lee S.

We’re proud to honor Lee S. as ExtraFood’s 2015 Volunteer of the Year. He’s been with us for 18 months and completed his 300th food trip a few weeks back! And he has no intention of slowing down. “Life has been sweet to me”, said Lee, letting us know that he feels lucky that he has the time and ability to give back to his community. “You get back what you give” was Lee’s reply when asked why he loves to volunteer for ExtraFood. He gets it back big-time when he’s doing his four weekly food trips—whether it’s a generous hug from a recipient, to a friendly wave and maybe a taste of food from a food donor. He’s a great communicator, frequently passing along important information from donors and recipients, and is a wonderful ambassador for ExtraFood in our community. We all feel it’s an honor to be working with Lee to help end hunger in Marin.


2014 Volunteer of the Year: Lynne S.

Lynne did her first food trip during the very first week we began operating in December 2013. Since that time, she has completed over 130 trips. Over 130! That’s amazing in and of itself, but Lynne’s contributions to ExtraFood go far beyond that. To give a few examples of many:

- She has worked diligently and tirelessly on the effort to recruit new food donors, not only leading other volunteers to do so but personally recruiting quite a number of food donors herself. 

- She has almost invariably captained our teams at the Thursday and Sunday Civic Center farmers’ markets, not to mention doing the Tam Valley and Mill Valley farmers’ markets trips regularly.

- Her tireless efforts to spread the word about ExtraFood have had a huge impact on the awareness of ExtraFood throughout the county.

- There are so many other ways that Lynne has contributed to ExtraFood’s growth and success, too many to enumerate here. But any start-up needs people who “pitch in” and do all sorts of things that just plain need doing, and Lynne has done tons of those. Like our fantastic ExtraFood aprons, which reflect Lynne’s boundless creativity!

And what Lynne brings most of all is a huge passion for feeding the hungry and ending food waste—and a big, giving heart—that has fueled her dynamic and dedicated work for ExtraFood this year.

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