Video and Photos: ExtraFood’s Refrigerated Truck Launch
April 19, 2019

With the help of longtime ExtraFood partners Dr. Thomas Peters, President & CEO of the Marin Community Foundation, and Joe O'Hehir, CEO of Whistlestop, ExtraFood launched its first refrigerated truck. The truck, and ExtraFood's staff drivers, augment ExtraFood's quickly-growing volunteer program, enabling ExtraFood to pick up larger donations and reach the West Marin coast.

You can see KPIX-TV's video coverage of the event here

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Marin Community Foundation President & CEO Dr. Thomas Peters called the truck "a game-changer for ExtraFood that will have an exponential impact on its ability to serve the most vulnerable people in our community.”


Whistlestop CEO Joe O'Hehir spoke of the 16,000 seniors in Marin who cannot make ends meet, and the Whistlestop Nourish home-delivered meals program, for which ExtraFood is the sole supplier of food.


Jazzmen Simms and Chaunte Chastang of ExtraFood food donor Nugget Markets.


Ronelle Scardina and Alena Wall of ExtraFood food donor Kaiser Permanente.


Martha Martinez and Jorge Martinez Perez of ExtraFood recipient partner West Marin Community Services.


Garen Kazanjian of Recology and Judith Silver of Zero Waste Marin -- two of ExtraFood's closest partners in the larger food recovery ecosystem. Programs such as composting, food-scraps-to-energy, and recycling are critically important, complementary solutions to the problem of food waste in our community.


ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer with Kim Scheibly of Marin Sanitary Service.


ExtraFood Board Member Miguel Villarreal with Dr. Peters.


Dr. Peters and Marv Zauderer.


ExtraFood staff and volunteers helped make the event run smoothly.


ExtraFood staff and truck sponsors. From left: Ronelle Scardina (Kaiser Permanente), Alena Wall (Kaiser Permanente), Mike Montross (Marin General Hospital, partially hidden), Jazzmen Simms (Nugget Markets), Carrie Machleder (ExtraFood), Kathy Carver (ExtraFood), Marv Zauderer (ExtraFood), Janet Tight (ExtraFood), Jorge Martinez Perez (West Marin Community Services), Miriam Goldstein (ExtraFood, partially hidden), Martha Martinez (West Marin Community Services), Vicki Masseria (St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin), Joe O'Hehir (Whistlestop), Paul Fordham (Homeward Bound of Marin), Vikki Garrod (Marin Community Foundation), Kim Scheibly (Marin Sanitary Service), Garen Kazanjian (Recology), Judith Silver (Zero Waste Marin), Amber Parker (Whole Foods Market)

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