Food Recovery in Marin County: By rescuing excess fresh food from businesses and immediately delivering it to nonprofits serving Marin’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families, we address the critical issues of hunger, wasted food, and the climate crisis.

ExtraFood Responds to the Crisis: Giving 30,000+ Meals to People in Need

May 27, 2020

ExtraFood Responds to the Crisis: Giving 20,000+ Meals to People in Need

April 29, 2020

ExtraFood Responds to the Crisis: Partnering With 11 Restaurants & Caterers to Give 6,000+ Meals to People in Need

April 17, 2020

ExtraFood Responds to the Crisis: Giving 6,000 Meals to Marin’s Food-Insecure with Insalata’s

April 06, 2020

ExtraFood Responds to the Crisis: Rescuing Excess Fresh Food for People in Need

March 22, 2020

ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer Named 1 of 14 Bay Area Food Business Entrepreneurs Creating Social Impact

November 07, 2019

Marin IJ Spotlights ExtraFood’s Work During Power Outage

November 03, 2019

ExtraFood Responds to Outages and Sonoma Fire

October 31, 2019

Whole Foods Market Gives $17,000 to ExtraFood

October 21, 2019

ExtraFood Honored as One of Four 2019 Heroes of Marin by the Pacific Sun

October 16, 2019

ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer’s Op-Ed in the Marin Independent-Journal

October 14, 2019

ExtraFood Responds During The Power Outage

October 10, 2019

Marin County Board of Supervisors Honors ExtraFood

September 24, 2019

ExtraFood Delivers 3 Millionth Pound of Food to Marin’s Most Vulnerable People

June 25, 2019

Marin IJ Features ExtraFood’s Partnership With Whistlestop to Serve the Chronically Ill

June 04, 2019

Marin Magazine Features ExtraFood’s Expanded Reach

June 01, 2019

Marinscope Newspapers Spotlight ExtraFood’s Work With Seniors

May 29, 2019

Specialty Food Association Features ExtraFood

April 16, 2019

EPA, USDA, and FDA Unite Around Reducing Food Waste

April 10, 2019

ExtraFood Launches Its First Refrigerated Truck: A “Game-Changer” for People In Need

April 02, 2019

ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer in “17 Bay Area Environmentalists Making a Difference”

April 01, 2019

ExtraFood is Hiring! Join Our Growing Team and Make a Difference Every Day

February 26, 2019

Misunderstanding Date Labels on Food Can Create Needless Waste

February 06, 2019

Brigitte Moran Elected Chair of ExtraFood’s Board of Directors

February 04, 2019

ExtraFood Provides Complete Meal For Marin’s Coast Guard Families

February 01, 2019

ExtraFood Working With Food Donor and Recipient Partners to Serve Furloughed Federal Employees in Marin

January 18, 2019

Giving Marin Community Partnership Awards ExtraFood $10,000

December 20, 2018

ExtraFood is Hiring! Join Our Growing Team and Make a Difference Every Day

December 09, 2018

Whole Foods Market Gives $16,750 to Accelerate ExtraFood’s Work in Marin

August 01, 2018

Marin Independent-Journal Features ExtraFood’s Work

July 25, 2018

ExtraFood Featured in Marin Magazine’s “Waste Warriors” Article

July 25, 2018

Whole Foods Gives ExtraFood 5% of Sales at Marin Stores on Thursday, July 26

July 17, 2018 Delivers 2 Millionth Pound of Food for People in Need

June 22, 2018

Businesses Receive Substantial Tax Deductions for Donating Food

May 03, 2018

MarinSpace Honors ExtraFood With $15,000 Gift

April 19, 2018

Brigitte Moran Joins ExtraFood’s Board of Directors

April 04, 2018

ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer Honored with Silver Jefferson Award for Public Service

January 19, 2018

ExtraFood Wins Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence Award at CVNL’s 25th Annual Heart of Marin Awards

January 12, 2018

CropMobsterTV features ExtraFood, Kaiser Permanente and Whistlestop

December 26, 2017

KWMR Interviews ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer

November 09, 2017

Op-Ed: ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer From Inside Marin’s Evacuation Center

October 15, 2017

ExtraFood Aiding Fire Relief Effort in Marin: Here’s How You Can Help

October 11, 2017

Tracy Stempel Hogan Joins ExtraFood’s Board of Directors

September 05, 2017

Marin Health & Human Services’ “Great Age” Newsletter Features ExtraFood

August 31, 2017

County of Marin’s Aging Action Initiative Features Interview with ExtraFood’s Marv Zauderer

August 10, 2017

ExtraFood is hiring a Food Recovery Coordinator and Administrative Assistant!

August 04, 2017

Dominican University of California Features ExtraFood

July 31, 2017

Marin County Supervisor Dennis Rodoni Features ExtraFood in District 4 Newsletter

July 07, 2017

Marinscope Newspapers Feature ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer

June 09, 2017

Watch: KPIX-TV Features ExtraFood’s Work with College of Marin

May 31, 2017

Marinscope Newspapers Spotlight ExtraFood’s Milestone: “1 Million Pounds is A Lot to Chew On”

May 24, 2017

ExtraFood Receives Commendation from Marin County Board of Supervisors

May 22, 2017

Miguel Villarreal Joins ExtraFood’s Board of Directors

March 01, 2017

Watch: KPIX-TV Spotlights ExtraFood’s Work in Marin City, Honors Founder Marv Zauderer

February 06, 2017

Food Management Magazine Features Novato Unified’s Work With ExtraFood

February 06, 2017

ExtraFood is hiring an Operations Manager - Join us in helping to end hunger in Marin!

January 11, 2017

Marinscope Newspapers Feature ExtraFood’s Work with Next Generation Scholars

December 21, 2016

Nugget Markets Spotlights Partnership With ExtraFood

November 30, 2016

Marin Magazine on October 30th Event Benefiting ExtraFood

October 22, 2016

FoodTank Interviews ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer

October 11, 2016

Watch: Founding Board Member Heidi Krahling Honored by Board of Supervisors

August 20, 2016

Watch: Heidi Krahling Featured for Jefferson Award on CBS-TV & Radio

July 05, 2016

Marinscope Newspapers Spotlight “Hungry in Paradise” Film and ExtraFood

March 28, 2016

ExtraFood Board Member Heidi Krahling Named Hero of Marin

March 10, 2016

Watch: New Documentary on Hunger in Marin Available Online; Spotlights ExtraFood

March 08, 2016

Vote $10,000+ for ExtraFood at 100Marin’s Public Event Thursday March 10

March 07, 2016

Dan Ohlson Joins ExtraFood’s Board of Directors

February 23, 2016

Documentary on Hunger in Marin to Air Thursday Feb. 25 and Sunday Feb. 28

February 22, 2016

New State Law Requires Businesses to Recycle Organics, Including Food

January 31, 2016

EPA Launches Initiative To Engage Faith-Based Congregations in Food Recovery

January 19, 2016

U.S. Congress Enhances Tax Deduction for Organizations Donating Food to Nonprofits

December 24, 2015

Marin Country Mart’s Amazing Dec. 12 Holiday Market Benefits ExtraFood

December 08, 2015

Edible Marin & Wine Country Magazine Features ExtraFood

December 01, 2015

ExtraFood featured in “Giving Back” section of Marin Magazine

November 30, 2015

ExtraFood Partners with High Tech Burrito to Battle Hunger

November 24, 2015

Marin IJ features ExtraFood and Partners

November 16, 2015

ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer’s Marin IJ Op-Ed: Steps You Can Take To Help End Hunger

October 16, 2015

Listen: KWMR-Radio Interviews ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer

October 11, 2015

Watch: KTVU-TV News Features ExtraFood’s Work with Marin General & Homeward Bound

September 11, 2015

Mode Media/ExtraFood: The Food Waste Problem and What You Can Do

September 11, 2015 interviews ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer

August 17, 2015

ExtraFood’s Dr. Jon Haveman publishes new study on income inequality in Bay Area

July 01, 2015

ExtraFood Volunteer Ellen M is the Marin IJ’s Volunteer of the Week

June 26, 2015

ExtraFood’s Dr. Jon Haveman publishes new study on poverty in the Bay Area

April 08, 2015

Marin Voice: Too many lack easy access to healthy food

April 06, 2015

ExtraFood in the J. Weekly: “From head to heart to hands.”

March 27, 2015

ExtraFood in the Marin IJ: “Food deserts” in Marin a priority

March 22, 2015

ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer honored with Heroes of Marin award

December 17, 2014

Marin Community Foundation’s “Imagine” Magazine: The Opportunity Seekers

December 10, 2014

2014 Volunteer of the Year Lynne Simon

December 08, 2014

Listen: ExtraFood on KCBS Radio

July 27, 2014

Marin organizations partner to distribute leftover food to hungry locals (Marin Independent-Journal)

July 03, 2014

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