ExtraFood Responds During The Power Outage
October 10, 2019

​ExtraFood is responding to the power outage by:

• Delivering additional food to vulnerable people in the affected areas. As always, vulnerable people are affected disproportionately by crises and disasters.

• Rescuing excess fresh food from Marin businesses and schools that are affected by the power outage and thus have fresh food to donate.

Here’s how you can help:

1. If you work at a Marin business or school that has excess food to donate, call us at 415-997-9830 or offer your donation through mobile/web here.

2. If you work for a nonprofit that could distribute food, and your nonprofit is not yet part of ExtraFood’s program, call us at 415-997-9830 or offer us your partnership here.

Thank you in advance for joining with us during this challenging time.

Marv Zauderer

Founder and CEO, ExtraFood.org

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2017 Award Recipient: Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence

Supported in part by:

Marin Community Foundation County of Marin The San Francisco Foundation