ExtraFood Responds to the Crisis: Giving 80,000+ Meals to People in Need
September 18, 2020

Dear Friend,

I hope you and yours are well. In the seventh month of this crisis, all of us at ExtraFood.org are lifted by a Marin community that continues to work together to serve people hit hardest by the crisis.

With your help, ExtraFood continues to respond to the increased need for fresh, healthy food, from Marin City to Novato, from the Canal to Bolinas and Pt. Reyes Station, and many points in between:

As we have during fires, a federal shutdown, and power outages, ExtraFood has expanded our nimble model to meet new needs. For example, through a partnership with Marin County's Department of Health and Human Services, ExtraFood is supplying all of the meals for a group of COVID-positive Marin residents and their families -- 500 people in all -- giving them the fresh food they need to recover and shelter in place safely. Said one of the recipients of the meals:

Me ayudado porque mi familia salio positive, nadie a podido salir, y nos da paz sabiendo que la comunidad aprecia y nos ayuda.

It helped me because my family was [COVID-] positive, no one was able to leave, and it gives us peace knowing that the community appreciates and helps us.

And here are some of the other responses to our online anonymous survey of Marin residents who have received our meals during the pandemic:

My husband and I would not have survived the pandemic without these meals. Now that cases are increasing alarmingly in our small community, this help is more important than ever.

This food has helped put a delicious meal on our table during these difficult times. Not being eligible for CalFresh [formerly known as food stamps] yet having to feed my children 3 meals per day has really cut into my budget. I am beyond grateful for these meals ExtraFood has provided my family.

Estoy muy agradecida por la comida que dan para mi y mi familia tengo dos hijos <> de 10 y <> de 5 y esa comida nos ayuda a comer hasta por dos días a veces lloro de alegría de tener esta rica comida en verdad no tengo palabras para decir a cada uno de los voluntarios que están ahi debajo del sol solo para ayudar a nosotros que hemos perdido el trabajo y nos tenemos ningún tipo de ayuda federal muchas gracias que Dios bendiga a cada uno.
I am very grateful for the food they provide for me and my family. I have two children, <>, age 10, and <>, age 5, and that food helps eat for up to two days. Sometimes I cry with joy at having this delicious food. Tell each of the volunteers that they are there under the sun just to help us that we have lost our job and we do not have any kind of federal aid thank you very much God bless each one.

Me hizo sentir que hay personas que aún se preocupan por otros. Gracias.
It made me feel like there are people who still care about others. Thank you.

This is the kind of impact that you are helping ExtraFood to make, 365 days a year, in our community. The road ahead continues to be long, but because of you, we are able to sustain and expand our service for the most vulnerable among us during this unprecedented time. Working together, we will get through this.




Marv Zauderer

Founder and Executive Director


P.S. This new 2-minute video shows ExtraFood in action during the crisis. We send you our deepest gratitude for supporting our work.

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