ExtraFood Responds to the Crisis: Rescuing Excess Fresh Food for People in Need
March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020

Dear Community,

All of us at ExtraFood hope you and yours are well. Our county-wide food recovery program is in full operation, thanks to the support of our volunteers, food donors, recipient partners, funders, community advocates, and small (but mighty!) staff. All of this heartwarming support is making an enormous impact at a time when our 365-days-a-year service is facing new challenges and is needed more than ever. 

Because of that support, we are making a signficant difference for the many young children who received the milk and fruit donated after San Rafael City Schools' closure. For the formerly homeless in transitional housing whose meals were enhanced by 1000 pounds of food from Restoration Hardware's cancelled rooftop restaurant opening. And for the seniors who received more than 80 meals from Insalata's restaurant. And for so many more.

In partnership with many people and organizations across the county, together we are helping to ensure Marin's children, seniors, and families in need can shelter in place.

Some have asked us how they can help, so we have established a fund to help us with added costs, such as extra staffing, that we face at this time.

Kentfield poet Roger Housden writes, "When the heart opens, the world pours in." I am seeing many, many people open their hearts to our community and our world at a time when physical distance separates us more than ever. Our interdependence has never been more clear to me or more urgent. We are honored to be serving the Marin community.




Marv Zauderer

Founder and CEO, ExtraFood.org 

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2017 Award Recipient: Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence

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