ExtraFood Wins Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence Award at CVNL’s 25th Annual Heart of Marin Awards
January 12, 2018

ExtraFood is proud and grateful to be named the winner of the annual Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence award at yesterday's Heart of Marin Awards from an exemplary group of 15 nominees. We send our boundless gratitude out to all of our funders, volunteers, food donors, safety net partners, and community advocates who have helped make ExtraFood's county-wide food recovery program so impactful and appreciated throughout Marin.

Click below to see and hear ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer's 3-minute acceptance speech. 


Here is a transcript of Marv's speech:

"I first want to say on behalf of all of us at ExtraFood.org that we are honored to be honored with this amazing group of nominess, many of whom are our partners. Just an extraordinary set of organizations and people in them. And to join last year's winner of this award, the Youth Leadership Institute, led by my fellow congregant at Congregation Rodef Sholom in San Rafael, Jon Marker, who I hope is here somewhere, it's just incredible to be in the company of such wonderful and such amazing organizations.

Thank you to CVNL, to Nugget Markets [sponsor of the award], to the award committee for this award, to ExtraFood's Board of Directors, to our small but mighty staff who are here today, to our food donors -- over 200 businesses and schools in this county who are committeed to changing their behavior around waste and doing even more to help those in need in our community, to our many funders including the Marin Community Foundation who have been with us since the beginning -- marvelous people from top to bottom there, to the Marin County Board of Supervisors -- all of whom who have been very supportive of us from the beginning, to our recipient partners -- safety net sites, 99 so far across this county, people and organizations that are doing amazing work every day of the year to serve our most vulnerable neighbors here, to our volunteers -- amazing, amazing people of all ages across this county, this week one of them in our 4 years of operation made our 20,000th delivery somewhere in this county, Annie knows, please ask her!

You know, Monday we turn our thoughts and hearts to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who may not have reached the Promised Land, but he left us with so much. Like his vision, his global vision, for what he called the Beloved Community. The Beloved Community. And in that vision, you may recall, it is a vision where we have a world where poverty, and hunger, and homelessness are not tolerated. And a vision where all of the world's wealth is shared. And that's what so many of us are doing in this county, through this county-wide food recovery program, so many people and partners working to share the incredible abundance of this county: the food, the wealth, the time, the talents, the energy, the passion, the commitment -- it's an extraordinary, extraordinary county.

And why do we do this? Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who marched side-by-side with Dr. King from Selma to Montgomery, said famously, the Self is not the hub, the Self is the spoke of the revolving wheel. And that's what we're about here. If one of us in this county is struggling, then we're all struggling. If one of us is lifted, then we're all lifted.

Bryan Stevenson of the Equal Justice Initiative spoke at our congregation across the street here not long ago and he said something there that I will never forget: The opposite of poverty is not wealth -- the opposite of poverty is justice. Thank you for honoring us with the award today, as we work toward the day when all in our community have the food they need."

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