Farewell From ExtraFood Founder Marv Zauderer
December 16, 2021

Dear ExtraFood Community,
As I reflect on these past 8 years, and step away from ExtraFood tomorrow with Will Dittmar now leading the organization, this is what is most present for me: the phenomenal people I’ve been blessed to work with, how I’ve been so deeply touched by so many, and how I’ve grown from knowing you.
First, the vulnerable people we’ve served together, like: 

From you I learned to deepen my empathy and understanding. Thank you.
Next, the 750 ExtraFood volunteers, wonderful people like Lynne and Ellen, Hank, Sarah, Curt, Marv L, Don, Lee, Gary, Dennis and Vickie, Joan and Mike and so many, many more. So many who have been with us from the very beginning, and each one of you who has helped us along the way. Every single delivery made a difference. I know all of you had a choice of where to apply your time, energy, and talents, and I feel so lucky and grateful that you chose ExtraFood. I have learned so much about service from all of you.
Our food partners – 300 food donors and 146 nonprofit distribution partners, literally thousands of staff members in those organizations working with us toward common goals. Thank you for your tireless collaboration. Because of you, I became a better community organizer and a better partner.
Our funders – individuals, families, foundations, government organizations, and corporate partners. ExtraFood runs on generosity, and I’ve had the great blessing of standing in the middle of many rivers of generosity in this extraordinary community. Especially at this time of year I am acutely aware that we simply cannot do what we do, and cannot expand our impact to meet more of the need, without the support you give us. Thank you for allowing me to see your beautiful and generous hearts – you have deepened mine.
Our small but mighty staff and our exceptional Board – you are the best team I have ever been a part of. Thank you for your hard work, for constantly improving ExtraFood and increasing our impact, and for building a wonderful organization together. Because of you, I have become a better leader.
The vision we have held for ExtraFood together has been threefold:

I am honored to have carried that vision with you. Thank you for supporting me, challenging me, and believing in me on this journey.
As I switch careers to community singing leadership – and, because that will be a slow build, I’ll be doing some management consulting and executive coaching as well – I hope you will stay in touch. You can reach me at Marv@SingWithMarv.com
I’m feeling, at this time, these lines from a song, For Good, from the Broadway show Wicked: It well may be that we will never meet again, but I do believe I have been changed for the better. Because I knew you – because I knew you – I have been changed for good.
With love,



Marv Zauderer 
Founder, ExtraFood

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2017 Award Recipient: Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence

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