Marv Zauderer Transitioning Out of Role as ExtraFood’s Executive Director
March 26, 2021

Dear ExtraFood Community,

After dedicating much of my life over the past seven years to ExtraFood, I want you to be among the first to know of my decision to transition out of my role as Executive Director by the end of the year. I’d like to share the reason for my decision, reflect on ExtraFood’s impact and opportunities, and share our next steps.

But first, I would like to start with you. I know news like this can bring up a variety of thoughts, feelings, and questions. Our Board, our staff, and I invite and welcome you to reach out to us at any time. We are a community, and we are here for you.

I am stepping back from ExtraFood because I am changing careers. Starting several years ago when I joined Common Voice (now the West Marin Choir), I have spent many nights and weekends discovering the joy and unique connecting power of singing with people. Joining a second choir, taking weekly singing lessons, attending retreats, completing songleader training, launching a song circle – all of these steps have led me ever more deeply into the quickly-growing Community Singing movement in this country. I feel a call now to use singing to build connection and community. Exactly how I will do that, I do not yet know. I know only that it is time for me to step away from ExtraFood, to listen fully to myself and my wise mentors, and to dedicate myself to service in a new way. In my 25 years in technology, 14 years as a therapist, and 7+ years at ExtraFood, I have been in a long process of aligning my work with my heart as my heart deepens and evolves. I feel certain this is my next step.

ExtraFood is making this transition at an exciting time in its history. In 2020, the organization rescued and delivered more than 840,000 pounds of excess fresh food, and gave more than 80,000 freshly-made meals to vulnerable children, older adults, and families. Thanks to so many of you, our fundraising set new records by a wide margin, strengthening our already-strong financial position and giving ExtraFood resources to respond to the much-increased need in our community. Our incredible volunteer team continues to power so much of what we do, and word has spread about the ease and impact of volunteering for ExtraFood: we have a substantial waitlist. And our amazing staff of 12 is working with each other and our many partners at a new level of efficiency and effectiveness, under unprecedented circumstances. I am so deeply inspired by their creativity, dedication, and resilience.

In moving into the next phase of its growth, our county-wide food recovery program is accelerating towards its goal of enrolling every possible Marin business with excess fresh food in our program, and delivering every pound of that food to vulnerable people, 365 days a year. Food waste, with its enormous impact on the environment, is a solvable problem in Marin. ExtraFood, its volunteers, and its hundreds of partners are well-equipped to solve it.

Our Board Chair, Matt Slepin, a national leader in executive search, is heading up our Board’s Executive Director Search Committee. The committee is in the process of finalizing the job description for the new ED and selecting an executive search firm; I will inform you when that is complete. In addition to continuing to focus on my regular responsibilities, I am working closely with our Board, staff, and advisors to prepare for this transition. We welcome your support in our search for ExtraFood’s next passionate, inspired, experienced leader.

I am deeply grateful to each of you for your support of ExtraFood and I am so proud of our work together. We are permanently changing the food system in Marin – from wasting food to donating it – and nimbly redeploying our resources to respond to the increasingly frequent disasters and crises in our community. With the growing urgency of hunger and the climate crisis, and the unique capacities the organization has built, there are exciting opportunities ahead for ExtraFood. ExtraFood’s many strengths, especially our team and your support, will continue to ensure a bright future for our work.




Marv Zauderer

Founder and Executive Director

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2017 Award Recipient: Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence

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