ExtraFood Responds to Outages and Sonoma Fire
October 31, 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019

ExtraFood is continuing to respond to the power outages and the Sonoma County fire:

• We're continung to rescue excess food in regularly-scheduled pickups from our current food donors, and continuing to deliver it to our regularly-scheduled recipient partners, such as homeless shelters, senior housing centers, and food pantries -- to the extent that these food donors and recipient partners are operational. When they're not, we're re-routing food all over the county. The 8,000+ vulnerable people we reach each month need food more than ever at this time.

• We're directing unassigned food donations to serve those folks and also people fleeing the Sonoma fires and being sheltered in Marin. These donations included 750 extra boxed snack-packs from one of PG&E's charging stations.

• We're providing our pickup/delivery capacity to the County of Marin's Emergency Operations Center for specific deliveries needed for the County's main shelter at the Civic Center and other sites.

• We're contacting our food donors to ask for additional food donations, particularly meals, to meet additional needs of vulnerable people, including those fleeing the fires, in our community. We're also fielding donation offers, particularly of meals -- and, while the power is off, meals that do not require heating -- from ExtraFood food donors and food-service businesses that have never before donated to ExtraFood. Work of this type that we've done this week has included, for example:

    - Requesting, picking up, and delivering 75 dinners to people in need in Marin City

    - Requesting, picking up, and delivering 20 dinners to County firefighters                      returning from the Sonoma fire

Here's what our volunteer who delivered the 75 dinners said about her experience:

"I was beyond excited to be a part of ExtraFood's donation from Insalata's to ExtraFood's partners in Marin City during the power outage. I think I was like many people who wanted to do something concrete to help during these challenging times. I walked into the restaurant & was blown away to see a totally darkened restaurant with a devoted team cooking by the light of headlamps and whatever sunlight filtered in from one small open door. The smell... it was mouth watering! Tray upon tray of of gourmet food was packed in my car - there was roasted chicken, root vegetables, salad and even some fancy pudding for dessert. Everyone at Insalata’s was eager to help.

After navigating the county’s dark traffic signals, my 13-year-old daughter and I were greeted with our friends' famous hugs in Marin City. I recognized women from the People’s Inter-Cities Fellowship & Performing Stars, and they were overjoyed to be receiving this nutritious and delicious dinner, especially when the power outage was making everything more challenging. A smiling, grateful team of volunteers helped unload the food and get it ready for the community meal soon to follow.

I am always impressed by the simplicity & brilliance of the ExtraFood model. Once again, the generous gesture from a local Marin business created ripple effects: food was prevented from entering the landfill, volunteers were able to do some good by transporting the donation, and a community in need was fed. One of the most basic human needs was satisfied in such a wonderful way!"


The dedication of our staff and volunteer team, the collaboration of our food donors and recipient partners, and the support of ExtraFood by our individual and institutional investors has never been more important and inspiring. Our deepest gratitude to all of you!

Here’s how you can help:

1. If your business is an ExtraFood food donor, due to donate today but without power and unable to donate, please call us at 415-997-9830 or email us at donate@extrafood.org. If you are still planning to donate, eg. because you have a backup generator, it would be extra-helpful to us if you'd email us and let us know.

2. If your organization is an ExtraFood recipient, due to receive food from us today, but without power and unable to receive food from us, please call us at 415-997-9830 or email us at receive@extrafood.org. If you are still planning to receive deliveries from us, it would be extra-helpful to us if you'd email us and let us know. Please let us know if you are receiving perishables.

3. If you work at a Marin restaurant, caterer, grocery store, school or other food-service business and you can make main dishes/meals for us to pick up and deliver to people in need, call us at 415-997-9830 or offer your donation through mobile/web here. We are recording all offers and will get back to you if your offer matches a need.

4. If you work at a Marin business or school that has excess food to donate, and you haven't yet asked us to pick it up, call us at 415-997-9830 or offer your donation through mobile/web here.

5. If you work for a nonprofit that could distribute food, and your nonprofit is not yet part of ExtraFood’s program, call us at 415-997-9830 or offer us your partnership here.

6. If you'd like to become an ExtraFood volunteer, click here.

7. If you are already an ExtraFood volunteer, please watch for calls, emails (and for those of you who have opted-in, texts) from us. Most of our food donors and recipient partners have re-opened, and most rescues/deliveries are still happening, although some are being re-routed. And as noted above, businesses are making meals for us to pick up and deliver. Please continue to help us serve people in need -- who are always disproportionately affected by crises and disasters -- during this time. Thank you!

8. If you'd like to make a gift to ExtraFood, click here. Every $1 enables us to share $5 of Marin's high-quality fresh food with people in need.

Thank you in advance for joining with us during this challenging time. Please check back here for updates.

In community,

Marv Zauderer -- Founder and CEO, ExtraFood.org

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