Food Recovery in Marin County: By rescuing excess fresh food from businesses and immediately delivering it to nonprofits serving Marin’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families, we address the critical issues of hunger, wasted food, and global warming.

Volunteer Milestones

​Our volunteer food runners pick up and deliver food donations on "food trips" throughout Marin County, from Point Reyes Station to Novato to McNear's Beach to Marin City and everywhere in between. Since we launched our program in December 2013, we have completed more than 29,000 food trips.

When volunteers, through their dedication and enthusiasm, reach 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 750 food trips, we honor their contribution on this page for reaching these milestones. (And we honor our Volunteer of the Year on this page every year.)

Interested in volunteering for Click here. And click here to see a video celebrating our volunteers, including volunteers talking about why they love volunteering for ExtraFood.

We are deeply grateful to all of our volunteers for their gifts of time, energy, and compassion.

Lynne S.
Sarah Sa.
Hank M.
Sarah K.
Curt W.
Peter Ho.
Craig R.
Marv L.
Robin W.
Peter Ha.
Ellen M.
Lee S.
Don C.
Amara R.
Libby G.
Ginny M.
Julie D.
Shannon S.
Cindy S.
Marilyn G.
Kate H. II
Elaine Z.
Chloe C.
Marijohn S.
Kamala T.
Angela D.
Marina K.
Rod B.
Lia C.
Teresa S.
Elizabeth F.
Judy W.
Annie L.
James P. 
Andrea P.
Susan O.
Lawrie W.
Kristen B.
Dan R.
Shannon F.
Karen SH.
Rebecca S.
Tara J.
Lynn H.
Gen S.
Judi C.
Penny S.
Kate Ri.
Jannick P.
Jeff M. & Terra Linda Rotary Team
Joe S.
Kit K.
Mitzie F.
Tobey J.
Vicki P.
Tom C.
Kerri S.
David K.
Denise V. & Tom H.
Ed F.
Kelly H.
Nancy V. & Team
Catherine R.
Liz M.
Laura A.
Charleen K.
Nathan L.
Judy S.
Anne-Marie M.
Dan K.
Terri C. & Rafael Evening Rotary Team
Ed F.
Rena K.
Jim G.
Elena & Aidan P.
Rob R.
Joelle B.
Sandy G.
Jayne M.
Carrie M.
Ernie D.
Amy P.
Virginia M.
Barbara W.
Kimberly K.
Lani B.
Siobhan S.
Kathy M.
Brian M.
Steve N.
Gene S.
Margaret K.
Leah G.
Dan O.
Denise C.
Robert V.
Janet K.
Antonina M.
Patrick P.
Andrea P.
Karen T.
Ria V.
Ginna Z.
Renee T.
Lini B.
Wendi S.
Natalie L.
Joan F.
Ned D.
Steve B.
Lawrie W.
Caroline P.
Jeff/Noel P.
Jim & Judy S.
Riva N.
Ann B.
Susan F.
Gillian M.
Karen S.
Janet & Chuck C.
Lisa D.
Mary W.
Lisa S.
Sarah Sl.
Linda W.
Karen R.
Maija S.
Hilary K.
Howie R.
Morgan H.
Linda S.
Joan/Mike L.
Kimberly K.
Ellie A.
Lynne B.
Marcia T.
Gary G.

Supported in part by:

Marin Community Foundation County of Marin The San Francisco Foundation