By rescuing excess fresh food from businesses, securing freshly-made meals, and immediately delivering the food to nonprofits serving Marin’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families, we address the critical issues of hunger, wasted food & climate change.


Marv Zauderer
Founder and Executive Director

Marv Zauderer, Founder and Executive Director

Marv has overall responsibility for the execution of ExtraFood's mission: to help end hunger and food waste in Marin County. He works with ExtraFood's Board of Directors to establish the organization's strategic direction; leads ExtraFood's strategic and business planning; manages key development activities; establishes and conducts strategic partnerships; manages ExtraFood's marketing program; leads new business initiatives; provides thought leadership around issues such as hunger and food waste in the community, and provides direction and support to ExtraFood's staff. 

Marv is in his third career with ExtraFood. He first had a 20-year career in technology, initially in R&D, and then in Sales & Marketing, at such companies as Apple. He then became a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Marin and San Francisco, practicing for 14 years before devoting himself full-time to ExtraFood. Marv has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Dominican University, a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University, a Bachelor’s degree with High Honors in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, and is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Institute. He was one of five people in the SF Bay Area to receive the 2017 Silver Jefferson Award for Public Service, and also received the Pacific Sun's 2014-15 Hero of Marin award for Innovation for his work leading ExtraFood. Marv is a member of the Marin Food Policy Council and the Executive Committee of Drawdown:Marin, has testified to the U.S. Congress' National Commission on Hunger, was an invited attendee at Harvard University's inaugural 2016 Food Recovery Entrepreneurs Workshop and was on the Steering Committee for Harvard's Food Recovery Entrepreneurs Workshop and U.S. Food Waste Summit in 2018. He enjoys cycling, singing, and writing in his spare time. His email address is Marv at ExtraFood dot org.

Here’s his story of founding

“In my first career, where I focused on serving teachers and learners, and in my second career, where I focused on serving families, I saw a fundamental truth over and over again: if our basic needs are not met, we cannot thrive. Kids can't learn, working-age adults can't find jobs and hold their heads high, elders can't age in place actively and with dignity. And there are few more basic needs than nutritious food.

"Hunger simply breaks my heart. When I’ve seen a child come to school hungry, or looked in the eyes of a homeless person at a soup kitchen, or heard from seniors having to choose between food and medication, I’ve felt so sad. And then I’ve felt angry. Because I know there is enough food for all.

This cycle of sadness and anger was leading nowhere for me. And so, I realized it was time to figure out what to do — how to move from a feeling of powerlessness to a feeling of engaged, connected action. I started reading about hunger and food waste, talking with experts, watching TV programs and movies, and brainstorming about what I could do to help end hunger in Marin.

I identified several organizations I could join or create. And then I met with Paul Ash, Executive Director of the SF-Marin Food Bank. I was aware of the Food Bank’s huge impact on the hungry in our community, and of Paul’s deep knowledge of the issues, challenges, and opportunities. I talked with him about all the ideas I’d had for ways that I could help end hunger in Marin. He focused on one of them, and said, ’You should do in Marin what Food Runnershas done in San Francisco.’ Well, I thought, if the head of the Food Bank is telling me I ought to create a food recovery program, I ought to listen. And if Paul is recommending this, I thought, he’s doing so for a reason: our program would be complementary to the work of the Food Bank.

So, I took Paul’s advice and introduced myself to Mary Risley, Founder of Food Runners, a 30-year-old organization now recovering 15 tons of food per week in San Francisco. She said, ’Yes, you should do this in Marin, and we’d be happy to tell you everything you need to know to make it happen.’ Well, then I knew I had to do it. My first step was asking our Founding Board Members if they’d join me, and so the team was born. Our vision: that food recovery becomes a way of life in Marin, and that all in our community have the food they need.”


Cherie Graham
Deputy Executive Director

Cherie Graham, Deputy Executive Director

Cherie has overall operational responsibility for ExtraFood's county-wide food recovery and Community Meals programs, as well as overseeing business operations and partnering with the Executive Director on all major organizational decisions. Cherie's program team is responsible for all food sourcing and recipient partnerships, fleet management, volunteer management, our technology platform, and food delivery logistics. Cherie is also responsible for ExtraFood's business operations -- HR, IT, Finance, and Facilities -- and overseeing outside service-providers in those areas. In her spare time, Cherie is an active volunteer at local animal shelters, loves to be outdoors and spends her weekends spoiling her pitbull, Baloo. Her email address is Cherie at ExtraFood dot org.


Kathy Carver
Director, Food Partnerships

Kathy Carver, Operations Manager

In this role, Kathy's primary responsibility is to recruit new food donors for our program and increase food donations from current donors. Kathy also expands our recipient partner network to help ExtraFood reach more people where they live, work, and learn. Before taking this position, Kathy was ExtraFood's first Operations Manager for 2 years and was personally responsible for securing many new food donors and food donations. Under her supervision, ExtraFood's operation tripled its capacity; in 2016, ExtraFood delivered more food than in 2014 and 2015 combined. Before starting at ExtraFood as a volunteer food runner, she co-founded the Outdoor Education Center and school garden at Marin Primary & Middle School, managing the program for 5 of her 8 years there. She also co-founded the Marin School Garden Network and worked as a Registered Nurse for 10 years. She's passionate about food, gardens (she's a Master Gardener), cooking, and sustainability. Her email address is Kathy at ExtraFood dot org.


Amber Driscoll
Development Manager

Amber Driscoll, Development Manager

Amber is responsible for ExtraFood's fundraising strategy, managing relationships with individual and institutional investors, assisting the Executive Director in his work with investors, and coordinating critical development activities. Before joining ExtraFood, Amber owned and operated three restaurants in Marin and Sonoma counties, and worked as a development professional in nonprofits for several years. She is a Master Gardener, has an MBA in Marketing from UC Irvine, and a Bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona. Her email address is Amber at ExtraFood dot org.


Donna Collings
Volunteer Coordinator

Donna Collings, Volunteer Coordinator

As ExtraFood’s volunteer coordinator, Donna is primarily responsible for the recruitment, training and engagement of ExtraFood’s volunteers.  She has an extensive background in customer service while working in the hospitality industry for many years leading hotel operations and sales teams.  Donna enjoys living in Marin with her family and being involved in organizations that assist others in the community.  She has an MBA from University of Oregon and a BS from University of Delaware. Her email address is Donna at ExtraFood dot org.


Story Rafter
Office Administrator

Story Rafter, Office Administrator

Story ensures ExtraFood's office runs smoothly and efficiently. She supports ExtraFood's staff, managing gift/grant entry, authoring and sending correspondence, organizing/managing content such as photos and press/donor kit materials, ordering supplies, sourcing information for projects, backing up key data, handling general EF phone/email inquiries, and accomplishing a variety of additional support tasks typical of a start-up environment. Story has been providing organizational, administrative, and operational support to small businesses and private clients in the Bay Area for 20 years. Before her administrative career, Story had numerous positions in the food industry, and has seen first-hand, many times, how much food goes to waste. She has a Bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University and has had many experiences living outside of the U.S. In her spare time, Story likes to hike trails, paddle the bays, and experiment in the kitchen. Her email address is Story at ExtraFood dot org.


Bill Hogan
Food Recovery Coordinator

Bill Hogan, Food Recovery Coordinator

Bill is responsible for using ExtraFood's refrigerated truck to pick up and immediately deliver recovered food, complementing our volunteer program and serving as an ambassador for ExtraFood with specific food donors and recipient partners. Bill also provides training and coaching for ExtraFood's Food Recovery Drivers. Before joining ExtraFood's Operations team and co-creating ExtraFood's refrigerated vehicle program, Bill served 37 years on the Mount Tamalpais Watershed for the Marin Municipal Water District and retired in 2016 as the Chief Park Ranger. His email address is BillH at ExtraFood dot org.


Patrick McNamara
Food Recovery Driver

Patrick McNamara, Food Recovery Driver

Patrick is responsible for using ExtraFood's refrigerated truck to pick up and immediately deliver recovered food, complementing our volunteer program and serving as an ambassador for ExtraFood with specific food donors and recipient partners. Before joining ExtraFood's Operations team, Patrick worked int he insurance industry and also coached for the Terra Linda High School football team. His email address is Patrick at ExtraFood dot org.


Grace Soriano Gonzaga
Weekend On-Call Coordinator

Grace Soriano Gonzaga,Weekend On-Call Coordinator

Grace is responsible for ensuring that ExtraFood's food trip schedule runs smoothly on Saturdays and Sundays. She is an LVN by trade, and for the past 12 years has worked in clinical research, currently as a Clinical Research Site Manager. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her dogs, being outdoors, and eating good food with friends and family. Her email address is Grace at ExtraFood dot org.

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2017 Award Recipient: Achievement in Nonprofit Excellence

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