The Need

“There is more than enough healthy food to end hunger in Marin County.…It is a distribution and re-purposing challenge — not a supply issue.”
Marin County Food System Assessment Project (2012)

“In developing the nonprofit, [ Founder] Zauderer sought advice from Paul Ash, the Executive Director of the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. Ash said what Zauderer has done is create an opportunity to pick up and deliver edibles the Food Bank simply doesn't have the resources to handle. ‘It’s a great complement to a food bank in any location to have a group that picks up things that aren't cost-effective for us to pick up,’ Ash said. ’When somebody calls us and says they have some oranges, we ask where to send the tractor-trailer.’”
Marin Independent-Journal, July 3, 2014

Hunger in Marin

In Marin County, a county with one of the highest per capita incomes in the U.S., there are many in our community who are hungry. Our friends at the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank tell us that as of 2013 51,000 people in Marin today are "in need of food assistance." And, in a 2012 study conducted by Feeding America, our nation's network of over 200 food banks, more than 29,000 residents of Marin County lacked access to a secure food supply.

What are some of the factors that create this growing need — and this growing disparity — in our county? Read on…

Food Waste

With so much hunger in our midst, isn't it shocking how much food we waste? How many times have you been at a catered event, or a company meeting, or a grocery store, and wondered, “What's going to happen to the extra food? Will it be thrown away?”

Learn the facts about food waste.

The Opportunity

Dozens of generous organizations in Marin are committed to not wasting their extra food; instead, they donate it to And that creates our opportunity. Add in our dedicated volunteer food runners and our nonprofit partners that feed the hungry, and the result is a sustainable engine for change in Marin. How big is this opportunity? We're just in our first year, and already we're recovering tons of food each week. Our sister organization, Food Runners, has recovered and delivered extra food in this way for 27 years in San Francisco, and now recovers 15 tons of food each week.

It is heartbreaking to see men, women, and children go hungry in our community -- a community of such abundance. And it's heartbreaking to see so much high-quality fresh food go to waste. Please join us to help bridge the gap between abundance and need in Marin: Donate food, Volunteer, Receive food, or Donate funds.

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