“There is more than enough healthy food to end hunger in Marin County.…It is a distribution and re-purposing challenge — not a supply issue.”
Marin County Food System Assessment Project (2012)

“In developing the nonprofit, [ExtraFood.org Founder] Zauderer sought advice from Paul Ash, the Executive Director of the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. Ash said what Zauderer has done is create an opportunity to pick up and deliver edibles the Food Bank simply doesn't have the resources to handle. ‘It’s a great complement to a food bank in any location to have a group that picks up things that aren't cost-effective for us to pick up,’ Ash said. ’When somebody calls us and says they have some oranges, we ask where to send the tractor-trailer.’”
Marin Independent-Journal, July 3, 2014


Hunger in Marin

Marin, with one of the highest per-capita incomes of any county in the U.S., is home to more than 49,000 people who don't have a secure food supply. What are the factors that create this need in our community? Get the details on hunger in Marin here.

Food Waste and Global Warming

40% of all edible food in the U.S. is wasted. And if global food waste were a country, it would rank 3rd in greenhouse gas production after the U.S. and China. Reducing food waste is #3 on Project Drawdown's list of 100 most impact solutions to global warming. Get more info about these issues here.


Interested in high-quality research and articles on hunger and food waste? Sources such as the New York Times are increasingly covering the issues of hunger and food waste. Click here for a list.

It is heartbreaking to see men, women, and children go hungry in our community -- a community of such abundance. And it's heartbreaking to see so much high-quality fresh food go to waste.

Please join us to help bridge the gap between abundance and need in Marin: Make a giftDonate food, Volunteer, or Receive food.


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