ExtraFood’s mission is to end hunger and wasted food in the Bay Area through our regional food recovery program. We rescue excess fresh food from businesses and schools —fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs, meat, baked goods, and prepared meals — and immediately deliver it to people facing food insecurity.

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A business or school contacts us with a minimum of 10 servings (or 10 pounds) of excess fresh food to donate in food-safe, disposable containers. They specify a day and time range for pick-up.

Considering the type of food, quantity of food, and pick-up day/time, we find the best match for the donation among our many recipient partners. We always know who needs what and when! We confirm the pick-up with the donor, and an ExtraFood volunteer signs up online to pick up and deliver the food or we dispatch our staff drivers in our refrigerated truck or van.

The volunteer or our staff driver picks up the donation, if necessary loading it into a sealed industrial-grade food delivery bag with ice packs. They drive directly to the recipient, with no stops or detours, and always in under 30 minutes.

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"ExtraFood is a key player in providing fresh food for Marin’s most vulnerable children, seniors and families. And at the same time, working to end food waste and impacting the climate crisis. ExtraFood has made a huge impact on the health of Marin and for that, I am 100% supportive and tremendously grateful!"

~ Katie Rice

District 2/Marin County Board of Supervisors