Food Recovery in Marin County: By rescuing excess fresh food from businesses and immediately delivering it to nonprofits serving Marin’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families, we address the critical issues of hunger, wasted food, and the climate crisis.

We've delivered 3,204,538 pounds of food to 122 sites in Marin, keeping 263,347 pounds of methane from warming our planet & reaching 8,000 people every month.

updated September 10, 2019

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Community Spotlight

Lonely Mountain Farms

This lovely new farmers’ market donor, based near Watsonville, has been a family affair for years! Owned and operated by Kenny Baker and his wife, Molly, they have been farming 12 acres of organic heirloom vegetables, flowers and fruit trees since 2009 with an emphasis on biodiversity and sustainability. Kenny’s sister and brother-in-law are super involved and all their kids participate too! They have been recently donating massive amounts of beautiful, organic strawberries! Come say, “hi”, to Lonely Mountain Farm and check out their booth at the Thursday Civic Center Market.

Thanks to Lynne S for nominating this beautiful farm and its weekly bounty!

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Thursday Farmers Market Team

We want to highlight and thank our amazing Thursdays Farmers’ Market Team for their long time dedicated work at the Civic Center each week!

This amazing team consists of Ernie B, Sarah S., Sarah Sl. and team leader Lynne S. This team has worked together for years and has always demonstrated their dedication and commitment to ensuring this incredible healthy produce gets gathered and delivered to our very grateful recipients.

The team works so well together and they even cover for each other during breaks and vacations - they have worked out an incredible system to ensure ExtraFood never misses the opportunity to recover this amazing food. They are hard working and full of energy every week - in fact one Thursday in August it was over 100 degrees and the team gathered over 1000 pounds of produce for our recipient partners - that is dedication!

Lynne works so well with all of her team members and also is a great ambassador to the local Farmers. In fact, she just welcomed our newest Farmers’ Market donor—- Lonely Mountain Farm, who is highlighted this week in our donor spotlight.

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Fireside Apartments

Eden Housing: Fireside Apartments

An Eden Housing property managed in partnership with Homeward Bound of Marin and Marin County Community Mental Health, Fireside has 50 units and a community center for lower income seniors, families, and individuals with special needs. Twenty units provide affordable housing specifically for families and seniors with special needs or who are transitioning from homelessness. Homeward Bound provides ongoing support services for all residents. Every Thursday, Fireside staff person, Lori, is greeted by our volunteer, Lynne’s, generous smile as she comes bearing the gift of beautiful, healthy and colorful produce from the Civic Center Farmers’ Market.

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