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and Insalatas Restaurant

The SOUPer Food Kitchen takes rescued food items and turns them into healthy and nutritious soups, stews, and broths.

The food is picked up by ExtraFood Food Recovery Drivers and delivered to our
recipient partners that need it most.

About The Program

SOUPer Food Kitchen (Supporting Our Underserved Populations) is a partnership between ExtraFood and Chef Heidi Krahling, Founder of Insalatas Restaurant, that takes rescued surplus food items from various food donors and turns them into healthy and nutritious soups, stews, and broths to donate to people facing food insecurity in our community. By rescuing excess ingredients we can reduce food waste and provide warm, filling meals to people who need them most.

Chef Krahling and a team of volunteers chop, prep and cook the soup then portion them into containers. Then, ExtraFood’s Food Recovery Coordinators distribute the soup to various recipient partners throughout the North Bay Area with the initial goal of making 600 meals per week.

This initiative is the result of a coalition of partners working together. Excess food is donated by the AIM Farmers Market, Insalatas Restaurant and other food donors. Community Action Marin is providing space in their Central Kitchen for Chef Krahling to use. 

Together, we will not only reduce food waste but also help to provide meals for individuals and families who would otherwise not have access to fresh and healthy food options.

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Chef Heidi's Mushroom Leek Soup Recipe

The SOUPer Food Kitchen In Action

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"After 40 plus years of restaurant cooking, my next chapter will include heading a team which will prepare luscious, nutritious soups - using our skills and the abundance of gleaned produce that ExtraFood rescues to feed the less fortunate in our community."

~ Heidi Krahling

SOUPer Food Kitchen Partner,
Founder of Insalata's, ExtraFood Board Member