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"When I first heard about ExtraFood, I was amazed at how simple the premise is: rescue food that would otherwise be discarded by supermarkets, restaurants, and schools, and deliver it to the places that need it most. That includes food pantries, subsidized housing, and organizations that help the most vulnerable members of our community. I immediately thought, why isn’t the whole world doing this? I first started volunteering with ExtraFood 18 months ago and I find the work meaningful and gratifying. After several months picking up food at the Farmers Market, I then started working at Vivalon in San Rafael. I meet several volunteers there each week along with Trevor, a driver for ExtraFood. Trevor has been a real mentor to us, showing us how to carefully select the rescued food to be sure it is fresh and is food that we would want to serve and eat. With quick organization and some muscle, we all pitch in to sort the food, load up our cars, and deliver to our recipient partners. I deliver to Lifehouse, a local non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of people with developmental disabilities. I’m always happy to see Erin who meets me there with a big cart to help unload that week’s delivery."

~ Cindy O.