SB 1383

California's Bill SB 1383 Aims
To Reduce Waste

Businesses can donate their excess food to ExtraFood and not only comply with the bill, but also feed vulnerable people facing hunger

What is SB 1383?

  • This bill sets goals to reduce disposal of organic waste in landfills, including edible food.
  • This law requires that, statewide, 20% of edible food that would otherwise be disposed of in the garbage or compost be recovered for human consumption by 2025.
  • The goal is to have surplus edible food help feed Californians in need instead of decomposing in a landfill while emitting harmful greenhouse gasses.

How ExtraFood Can Help:

  • ExtraFood rescues excess food from any business, school, and restaurant 365 days a year, free of charge
  • We make it easy for the donor-they can choose a regular schedule of pickups, or call us when they have spontaneous pickups -- or both.
  • By donating, businesses can receive a tax donation
  • We will deliver the food to people facing food insecurity
  • Questions? Email

Become A Food Donor

"Growing up in the grocery business has made me very sensitive to the growing food waste problem in our modern world. That is why we are so grateful for our partnership with ExtraFood, which helps us minimize waste while serving delicious food to those in need. At United Markets, we value taking care of our local community and maximizing our sustainability efforts. It’s a win-win!"

~ Kelly Smith, Owner/Operator

United Markets