Will Dittmar

Executive Director

Will is responsible for the overall execution of ExtraFood’s mission: to end hunger and food waste in Marin County. He works with ExtraFood’s Board of Directors to establish the organization’s direction; leads ExtraFood’s strategic and business planning; manages key development activities; establishes and conducts strategic partnerships; manages ExtraFood’s marketing program; leads new business initiatives; provides thought leadership around issues such as hunger and food waste in the community, and provides direction and support to ExtraFood’s staff.

Prior to joining ExtraFood, Will worked for national nonprofits such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America with a focus on state, federal, and local government funding in order to improve food security in disadvantaged communities around the country. Leading teams in service of these communities, Will established food security, educational, and community engagement programs that improved outcomes for tens of thousands of families. Through this work, Will saw firsthand the impact of limited access to food nearly every day and is dedicated to ensuring equitable policies and programs to better serve those in need.

In his spare time, Will enjoys spending time outdoors with his two rescue dogs, Skip and Addie, as well as cooking for his family and friends with ingredients straight from his home garden. His email address is Will@ExtraFood.org.

Cherie Graham

Deputy Executive Director

Cherie has overall operational responsibility for ExtraFood’s county-wide food recovery and Community Meals programs, as well as overseeing business operations and partnering with the Executive Director on all major organizational decisions.

Cherie’s program team is responsible for all food sourcing and recipient partnerships, fleet management, volunteer management, our technology platform, and food delivery logistics. Cherie is also responsible for ExtraFood’s business operations — HR, IT, Finance, and Facilities — and overseeing outside service-providers in those areas.

Most recently, Cherie was Interim Executive Director and Director of Development and Outreach at Next Generation Scholars, a nonprofit working to help low-income middle and high-school students gain entry to college. Before that, Cherie was COO and Girls Leadership, a nonprofit focused on equipping girls with the skills to exercise the power of their voice. Cherie spent the initial phase of her career working for 18 years in the financial services industry, creating and leading global teams, bank networks, and complex technology initiatives.

In her spare time, Cherie is an active volunteer at local animal shelters, loves to be outdoors and spends her weekends spoiling her pitbull, Baloo. Her email address is Cherie@ExtraFood.org.

Monica Ravizza

Director of Programs

Monica is responsible for overseeing the operations that source thousands upon thousands of pounds of healthy, fresh food and then deliver it to the people who need it most in our community. Monica is committed to the cultivation and satisfaction of food donors, support of volunteer programs, building and maintaining relationships with our nonprofit recipient partners, and management of vehicles and drivers, as well as coming up with creative solutions to obstacles that inevitably arise.

Prior to joining ExtraFood Monica was a Sales Broker in the natural products industry working with health food stores throughout Northern California to introduce them to, and educate them about, new wellness products. Prior to that, Monica was the Project Director of COPA, a physical activity and nutrition education training program in underserved Los Angeles elementary schools. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in Social Welfare from UCLA. In her free time, Monica can be found exploring new bakeries and restaurants (she rarely meets a pastry she doesn’t like), studying the medicinal qualities of local plants, or planning her next backpacking trip. Her email address is Monica@ExtraFood.org.

Amber Driscoll

Director of Development

Amber is responsible for ExtraFood’s fundraising strategy; managing relationships with a subset of ExtraFood’s individual and institutional investors; overseeing grant-writing, marketing and communications; and executing development projects.

Before joining ExtraFood, Amber owned and operated three restaurants in Marin and Sonoma counties, and worked as a development professional for nonprofits focused on environmental justice, domestic violence, sustainable food systems, and animal welfare. She is a Master Gardener, has an MBA in Marketing from UC Irvine, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona.

In her free time Amber is an avid gardener, hiker, jewelry maker and cook, and loves everything spicy. Her email address is Amber@ExtraFood.org.

Mandy Willian

Senior Marketing Manager

Mandy is responsible for managing the marketing and public relations programs across all platforms for ExtraFood.

This includes development of the strategy and implementation of content and graphic design for social media, ad campaigns, the ExtraFood Newsletter, and the website. Prior to joining ExtraFood, Mandy worked in various marketing and brand management roles at Gap, Inc and Yahoo, including the management of global advertising campaigns, events, and media planning. Mandy served on the Executive Board of her daughters’ school foundation for 7 years managing fundraising events and social media. Mandy first joined ExtraFood as a volunteer in 2017 and has been passionate about the mission ever since. In her free time, Mandy enjoys being involved in her daughters’ sports and schools, practicing pilates, and traveling with her family. She can be reached at Mandy@ExtraFood.org.

Donna Collings

Volunteer Coordinator

As ExtraFood’s volunteer coordinator, Donna is primarily responsible for the recruitment, training and engagement of ExtraFood’s volunteers. She has an extensive background in customer service while working in the hospitality industry for many years leading hotel operations and sales teams.

Donna enjoys living in Marin with her family and being involved in organizations that assist others in the community. She has an MBA from University of Oregon and a BS from University of Delaware. Her email address is Donna@ExtraFood.org.

Jordan Conway

Operations Coordinator

Jordan is primarily responsible for the day-to-day rescue and delivery of food for people in need by managing ExtraFood’s food trip schedule, volunteer signup/reporting system, operational relationships with food donors and recipient partners, and driver/volunteer dispatch.

Before joining ExtraFood, Jordan worked at ExtraFood partner Next Generation Scholars, where she was Social Services Coordinator and orchestrated the weekly distribution of food, school supplies, COVID-19 information and other essentials to 450 people. Jordan’s varied professional experience, including in the fast-paced retail and restaurant industries, has made her a skilled organizer, deftly prioritizing tasks and ensuring a quality experience for those she serves. As a person who has experienced food insecurity in Marin, she is committed to the realization and normalization of food justice. Jordan grew up in Marin, speaks fluent Spanish, and loves roller disco, James Baldwin, and Josephine Baker trivia. She is continuing her professional commitment to food equity, service and social inclusion as part of the ExtraFood team. Her email address is Jordan@ExtraFood.org.

Michael Delafield

Food Partnerships Coordinator

Michael is responsible for the maintenance, expansion, and coordination of ExtraFood’s relationships with potential and existing food donors.

Michael is dedicated to supporting and building close, thriving relationships with our food donors as well as building strong and supportive relationships with our recipients and our local community. In addition, Michael assists with daily operations and producing creative strategies to expand our programs. Michael has a background in the grocery industry as well as working for several years as a project and account manager. Michael is a graduate of the University of California, Davis, majoring in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems with a focus on social issues surrounding the food system. Michael is passionate about equity and sustainability in the food system and has a background in food justice. In his free time Michael enjoys cooking, camping, traveling, live music and taking his two dogs for hikes. His email is Michael@ExtraFood.org.

Story Rafter

Office Administrator

Story ensures ExtraFood’s office runs smoothly and efficiently. She supports ExtraFood’s staff, managing gift/grant entry, authoring and sending correspondence, organizing/managing content such as photos and press/donor kit materials, ordering supplies, sourcing information for projects, backing up key data, handling general EF phone/email inquiries, and accomplishing a variety of additional support tasks typical of a start-up environment.

Story has been providing organizational, administrative, and operational support to small businesses and private clients in the Bay Area for 20 years. Before her administrative career, Story had numerous positions in the food industry, and has seen first-hand, many times, how much food goes to waste. She has a Bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University and has had many experiences living outside of the U.S. In her spare time, Story likes to hike trails, paddle the bays, and experiment in the kitchen. Her email address is Story@ExtraFood.org.

Trevor Palacio

Food Recovery Coordinator

Trevor is responsible for using ExtraFood’s refrigerated van to pick up and immediately deliver recovered food, complementing our volunteer program and serving as an ambassador for ExtraFood with specific food donors and recipient partners.

Before joining ExtraFood’s Operations team, Trevor worked in such fields as delivery, store management, and project management, and is fluent in Spanish. His email address is Trevor@ExtraFood.org.

Cisco De Leon

Food Recovery Driver

Cisco is responsible for using ExtraFood’s refrigerated truck to pick up and immediately deliver recovered food, complementing our volunteer program and serving as an ambassador for ExtraFood with specific food donors and recipient partners.

Cisco moved to Marin County from Guatemala, where he worked for a nonprofit supporting returning migrants and reforestation of rural areas, planting more than 25,000 trees! Before joining ExtraFood’s Operations team, Cisco managed the warehouse of a local furniture company and has owned his own moving company. Cisco is bilingual in English and Spanish and can be reached at Cisco@ExtraFood.org.