Janice’s Story

March 20, 2024 /

Janice, (not her real name) a resilient 74-year-old resident residing in a low-income (HUD) housing facility nestled in the heart of Marin. A survivor of a stroke a couple of years ago, Janice now grapples with a slight tremor and persistent spots clouding her vision. Despite adapting admirably to her physical challenges, her vision impairment presents a significant hurdle, rendering reading nearly impossible.

In the routine grocery deliveries facilitated by ExtraFood for the residents to distribute, Janice encounters a unique set of difficulties. The contents of the delivery are obscured by her visual limitations, making it intimidating and challenging to try to find the food items she needs. Recognizing this struggle, one of our vigilant food rescue volunteers, Jay took notice.

In a heartwarming response to Janice's predicament, the volunteer began organizing a special bag of groceries tailored to her specific nutritional requirements. This thoughtful gesture has transformed the experience of food deliveries for Janice, alleviating the stress she once faced during the distribution process. Now, she can rest assured that she will receive what she needs from the delivered food, enhancing not only the practicality but also the emotional ease of this essential service in her life.