Partnering with Grocery Outlet in Marin City

April 07, 2024 /

We are excited to welcome new food donor Grocery Outlet in Marin City!

By joining forces with Grocery Outlet Marin City, we are paving the way for greater access to nutritious food options because we know that healthy food leads to healthier lives.

As a food recovery organization dedicated to rescuing surplus fresh food and redistributing it to those in need, we understand the profound impact that access to quality groceries can have on individuals and families. With Grocery Outlet's support, we will be able to expand our reach, rescue even more surplus food, and ensure that no edible item goes to waste.

Owner and Operator Chantha Vath says "It gives us such great gratitude to be able to share our unsellable foods with ExtraFood. One quote we love to share is "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." My husband and I grew up with food insecurities in our parents' household because our parents were first generation immigrants. He had 7 siblings and I had 6 siblings. What helped feed our family back then were food pantries from churches and temples. Now we're in a position to give back what was given to us at a time in need. We are truly grateful and blessed to be where we are today. We are also extremely thankful to partner with ExtraFood. Thank you for all that you do!" 

Yanker from St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church food pantry, one of the recipients of the food we will recover from Grocery Outlet, says "this is huge for us, we now have a variety of meat available. The increased supply of milk is also a major benefit. Having more milk on hand is fantastic, especially since it's a highly requested item by the community members we serve. We have an excellent team in place that ensures all food is directed to those who truly need it. At Saint Andrew, we make sure that nothing goes to waste."

ExtraFood will ensure that the food we pick up from Grocery Outlet in Marin City stays in the community first, where it is greatly needed. We will work together to reduce food waste, alleviate hunger, and build a stronger, more resilient community for Marin City residents.