Volunteer of the Year

December 21, 2023 /

Congratulations to ExtraFood's Volunteer of the Year - Jay!

Jay began volunteering with ExtraFood in May 2022 and quickly became one of our most dedicated and involved volunteers. In his first 7 months, Jay jumped in and completed 249 food rescues - recovering food from a business and delivering that food to communities is considered a food rescue. This was the highest number of rescues completed by any volunteer in a year, and he did it in only 7 months - he was off to a great start! So far in 2023, Jay has completed 510 food rescues, this is by far the highest number of food rescues ever completed by any volunteer in one year since we started 10 years ago, and the year isn’t even over!

Jay’s dedication to our mission has made an enormous impact on the communities that we serve. He regularly signs up for 14 different food rescues every week and his commitment to the communities he serves is felt in a variety of ways. Jay not only delivers the food, but he helps set up the weekly pantries and lends a hand however he can while he is at the site. He brings friendship and courtesy with him wherever he goes. He is an incredible ambassador for our organization. The communities that Jay serves include - People’s Inter-Cities Fellowship for their food distribution program in Marin City, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Marin City for their weekly food pantry, and low income senior communities such as EAH housing at Cecilia Place and Marin Housing Authority at Kruger Pines.

Sunshine, the Cecilia Place Pantry Coordinator, had nothing but glowing remarks about Jay and what kind of impact he has had on the community. She said, “Jay is 100% reliable and the entire community loves him! He is friendly and courteous to all of us. He not only delivers the food, but he stays and helps us set up our pantry each week. He even reorganized the pantry process so that it could be more efficient and fair to everyone in the community.”

Jay is a big part of our ExtraFood family as we work to build and strengthen our community – redistributing abundance, so that all can thrive. Congratulations Jay as our volunteer of the year - we thank you greatly for your dedication and loyalty to the ExtraFood mission.